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Dee & Co.

Dee&Co was founded by the directors of the largest beauty bar in the UK bringing their retail and beauty industry experience with them to source and develop the best brands and latest trends introducing them to the UK market. Dee and Co are a full service boutique distributor that offers manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers a fully guided route to market from the product development phase till and after product launch.


BAt Dee&Co we’re always looking for new brands. We specialize in developing, launching and establishing exclusive cutting edge and unique brands in the UK. If you’re an existing brand that’s looking to break into the UK market then we provide services depending on your requirements giving your brand the ability to gain exposure in the UK and getting on the shelves whilst building the reputation of the brand in the marketplace. For brands that are still in the development phase we offer a full service that’ll take you from developing the product to it being sold in retail stores, stocked in wholesalers and the many other possibilities alike. We offer a full service that would meet your needs regardless of what phase your brand is currently in.

Whether you’re still developing the brand and product, trying to gain market exposure or working on getting your brand stocked in retailers, we are ready to help.

Retailers and Stockists

RWe strongly believe in building strong relationships with retailers and stockists allowing us to understand our customers and their requirements. Communication is also key, we value this aspect of holding a steady relationship with a retailer as we can keep them informed about the brands direction and other aspects. We pride ourselves on making the extra effort and put a lot of emphasis on keeping our retailers and stockists happy to maintain an ongoing relationship. We understand it’s not just about placing the product on the shelves it’s about giving the retailer the necessary tools and support to ensure that the product continues to sell and ultimately the customers happy.

We have carefully developed a full support package for stockists to ensure that the selected brands are well presented in their retail spaces . We have the resources and networks to deliver you the best in:

♦  Customer Service

♦  Account management

♦  Public relations and Communication

♦  Logistics and planning that is customised to your needs

♦  Sales strategy and Planning

♦  Retail and staffing advice and education

♦  Marketing and promotional literature

♦  Tailor made sales promotions

♦  Retail display options and concepts

♦  Bespoke Solutions

Looking for a distributor?

Are you looking for a distributor?, we are always looking for brands that fit within our ethos to help nurture and develop. Contact us today

Telephone: 0207 183 7372

Fax: 0845 862 1528


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